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Separation Agreements. At times, couples agree that they need to live separately; however, for reasons including finances, personal circumstances, etc., they don’t want to get divorced. If this is your situation, then you can get legally separated with a separation agreement. This isn’t the same as a divorce, because you are still legally married. But, the agreement does let you both determine things like child or spousal support, child custody, property agreements and other vital issues.

A separation agreement is a true contract that is binding, so it is needed to be done by a law office since it is legal paperwork. We can put together a satisfactory separation agreement that protects and benefits our client at the time they sign the separation agreement to any possible divorce in the future.

Annulments. An annulment is a method of voiding out a marriage. It can be done if a spouse made a vital promise to you that directly applied to your marriage, but then you found out they never were going to fulfill this promise.

An annulment is a lawful process for pronouncing a marriage as being not binding. While a divorce ends a marriage, an annulment actually causes the same thing as if there had never been a marriage in the first place. Fraud is one of the main causes of marriage annulments in the New York area.