Dinosaur Designs

585 Elizabeth St
Redfern, NSW 2016

Considered one of Australia's top art and design brand, Dinosaur Designs was established in 1985 by Stephen Ormandy and Louise Olsen. Known for its combination of modern art and design, every piece produced by the brand is handcrafted in their Australian studio, passing through several pairs of hands along the way, giving each piece the small variations that make it distinctive.

Tropical rainforests, coral clusters, and polished river stones have inspired Stephen and Louise's jewellery and homewares. Not only that, but they draw influence from the art world, referencing twentieth-century paintings and sculptures. They use the same concepts in their Dinosaur Designs products as they do in their art profession, but with more freedom. They've always built for an aesthetic rather than a market, approaching each project as if it were a painting or sketch.

According to the founders, resin has "a great viscous fluidity that allows them to traverse the borders of sculpture and painting, so they can create pieces that they conceive of as visual poetry." Because their sculptures are fully handmade, they are extremely tactile.

Check it out on https://www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au/