Ding Tea Brandon

Ding Tea Brandon
2110 W Brandon Blvd
Brandon, FL 33511
United States

Mon-Sun 11AM - 9PM

Ding Tea Brandon is a bubble tea store in Brandon FL 33511 that attracts the attention of many customers, especially young people, and tourists when they come to this city. With delicious, bold, attractive flavors, natural ingredients, and especially food safety and hygiene, this place has satisfied many customers.

Conquered thousands of milk tea followers across the country.
Milk tea at Ding Tea Brandon is likened to the “national milk tea” – for all audiences born with the criteria of delicious, cheap, and safe. Coming to this place, you can easily find and enjoy many delicious drinks

Instead of having to spend hundreds of thousands for a cup of milk tea, you can still enjoy popular drinks at affordable prices, moreover, they are created in a unique way by our friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Food safety always comes first!
Customers are becoming more and more demanding because they are aware of the negative health effects caused by dirty food from input materials of unknown origin, using pigments and chemicals in the mixing process.

At Ding Tea Brandon, food hygiene and safety are the top priority. All ingredients to create drinks are of clear origin, fully certified by the Ministry of Health.