Designer Dram

Designer Dram
West Hills, CA 91307
United States

Designer Dram is a modern company that brings consumers a groundbreaking experience: The chance to create a custom bottle of whiskey, which used to only be possible for those who could wait at least two years and spend an exorbitant amount of money making an entire, well-aged barrel. Designer Dram is the first company on the planet that brings this kind of luxury experience to the general public. They believe that all whiskeys take you on a unique journey, and they want everyone to be able to create that journey for themselves, too. So how does it all work?

When designing your whiskey, you start by combining your choice of top-class bourbon, rye, wheat, and/or malt whiskies, which come from a series of barrels that are aged between five and ten years, ensuring complexity and quality. If you would like some help selecting, Designer Dram can help with that, too! They offer a free palate test that makes your barrel choices for you, building the perfect whiskey recipe for your palate. Or, if you love a particular whiskey already, there is also a mash bill finder that will take the mash bill of your chosen whiskey and allocate your barrels for you, ensuring as many similar tasting notes as possible in your ultimate whiskey.

Designer Dram has spent many hours searching the United States to find the best barrels of whiskey available that are delicious and complex on their own but also marry harmoniously to create perfect, unique bespoke whiskey. You also get to choose your preferred alcohol strength as well as direct the final aspect of your creation – the design of your own label. When your custom whiskey is ready and up to the standards of Designer Dram’s master distillers, it is dressed with your custom label and packaged in a luxurious decanter before shipping out to you - the entire process taking only 2-4 weeks.