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If the teeth are so badly damaged that they have lost support in the bone or the loss of teeth cannot be avoided, it is necessary to quickly decide on the most suitable option for restoring the dentition. What kind of prosthetics should you choose so that you can smile broadly and enjoy life - bridge, removable dentures or implant-supported prosthetics? We have identified for you several main reasons that speak in favor of implants.
Dental Implants AECS Layout not only serve as the basis for the structure of the tooth, but also have a number of other advantages. They literally replace the root of the missing tooth, also performing its functions - the implant takes root in the jaw bone and provides full support for the chewing apparatus.
A dental implant that has taken root in the jawbone provides an invaluable advantage: reduction or prevention of bone tissue atrophy , which inevitably occurs after tooth loss. This is because the artificial tooth root allows the bone to be loaded again, thus helping to maintain normal chewing function. In other words, if there is an artificial tooth root, the jaws "understand" that bone tissue is still needed in place of the missing tooth in order to ensure optimal chewing and speech function.