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Melbourne, VIC 3000

Our Business model is all about Debt Recovery the way our client want it to be, we have a 95% Debt Collection successes in house without the need of litigation. We achieve this by not working on the old and tired methods in the sector, which are primarily solicitor owned agencies with their highly expensive and extremely litigious business model.

That is not how we see it! Our debt collection agency is second to none and will provide you with a quick resolution to your debt issue.

Most agencies in Australia have a business Model of being an Solicitor owned business model, using an restrictive In House Solicitor, with the revenue stream coming from billing on matters with litigation. Obviously they can’t employ specialist collection staff as we do, as their recovery of the debt for them is secondary, the need to bill and litigate is Primary!

Our specialty has always been to service clients Australia wide, recover their debts without fast and efficiently. But inevitably there are files that need litigation, and that’s where we set ourselves apart, our legal network stands alone. We utilize KHQ Partners, a substantial city based Legal Firm, with specialists capable of dealing with all matters in every industry. We have it covered for every client on any matter that comes our way.

We also offer our clients a Global network for our International Debt Recovery Services.

Please feel free to call our agency on 03 9596931 and we will be more than happy give you an immediate full appraisal and consultation of your current debt collection matter. Our debt collection in Melbourne experts will assist you with your debt collection issue.