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Do you want to learn data science in Bangalore? Learnbay Data Science Course in Bangalore can
help you advance your Data Science profession. This is the guide for you. You will receive high-
quality Data Science training from leading industry practitioners in the most in-demand fields of
Data Science and Machine Learning. Learn advanced ideas and improve your abilities from the
Data Science pioneers. After California, London, and Boston, Bangalore is ranked fourth in the
world for IT infrastructure and possibilities. This Data Science program in Bangalore, presented
in conjunction with IBM, teaches you important technologies like Python, Spark, Hadoop, and
1+ yrs work exp.
Accredited with IBM
12+ Real-Time Projects
No Cost EMI
₹ 7k/mon* (9 months)
Learnbay offers industry-accredited Data Science and AI Certification courses with Domain
Elective options. Take advantage of the best data science certification training in Bangalore and
launch your career as a successful Data Scientist in a matter of months.
● Elective Specialization in a Domain
● 12+ Industry-Realized Projects
● Job Referrals You Can Count On
● Non-programmers have their own classes.
● Online training with a live professor
● Flexible Three-Year Subscription
● 7.5 months (250 hrs)
● Fees: 65,000 + taxes
● Designed for Professionals in the Industry
● Use Cases from a Variety of Domains in Real-Time
● An IBM-accredited industrial certificate is available.
● Meetings with industry mentors on a one-on-one basis
● Working Professionals Can Count On Job Referrals
● Mock Interview And Interview Preparation
● Global Certification Course with Industry Accreditation
● There are over a dozen industry projects and two capstone projects.
● Non-programmers will benefit from the non-programming classes.
● Credit cards offer interest-free loans and no-cost EMIs.
Data Science's Objective
Because many businesses and organisations rely on data to produce money, the area of Data
Science has a wide range of applications, as you are all aware. Our Data Science & AI Certification
Program will assist you in launching a career in data science and artificial intelligence. This clearly
demonstrates that a Data Science Professional can be someone who is well-versed in
comprehending and working with big amounts of complex data.
Data Science Job Opportunities
One can apply for positions such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing Analyst, Machine
Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, AI Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, and so on after
completing a Data Science course in Bangalore. The course includes 12+ real-world industry
projects that may be put to your resume as a learning experience with a 100% interview
Demanded Skills
Technical abilities such as programming (Python, Java, SQL, C++), understanding of analytical
tools (SPARK, R, HADOOP), and non-technical skills such as communication, strong business
sense, and data intuition are all improved through the Data Science course. Add this globally
renowned accreditation to your profile to elevate it and make it stand out.
Enroll Now For Our Data Science Course in Bangalore And Online Training To Master Data
Analytics Skills That Will Help You Transform Your Career And Start Your Career As A Data
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147, 5th Main Rd, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar HSR Sector 7 Bengaluru,Karnataka 560102
Bengaluru 560102
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Learnbay, the best data science institute in Bangalore offers the best data science course with multiple domain electives like Healthcare, HR,
Finance, Banking, Energy, Automotive, Supply chain etc. You can specialize in one or multiple domains. Along with data science
training, you also get IBM industry accredited data science certification course in Bangalore. Data science & ML expertise with good domain knowledge makes your profile stand out.
We offer a Hybrid Model for projects and classes in both modes either online and offline mode.
(Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru).
You need not to quit your job, along with working you can avail online course on data science and can get the benefit of advancing in
your career by getting placement in top-notch companies as learnbay offers a data science course with placement in Bangalore.
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