Data Science Course in Bangalore

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In India, SkillSlash would be the largest provider of data science certification courses. We've partnered with a few of India's best potential AI and machine learning firms. Working on tasks that are important to the industry is a significant aspect of the educational process. Skillslash training enables you to hone your skills and land a job in a prestigious company. They feel that by participating in our data science programme, you will be able to improve your technical skills and gain first priority in the hiring process.
By maintaining their courses reasonable and transparent, SkillSlash is devoted to making education more accessible to everyone. Students can also try out classes for free without committing to the full programme.
SkillSlash's goal is to provide a high education while challenging prejudices. Real-world project expertise, in our opinion, is far more useful than any educational credential. Training in computer science has grown prohibitively expensive, making it difficult to obtain. It's past time for the company to transform by being more affordable and available.
You may develop impressive project portfolios and put their problem-solving talents to the test in a range of real-world situations with project certifications. For novices to the industry who would like to build a career in IT, internships with industry training were also accessible.
1. Internships begin on the first day.
2. 15+ AI and Machine Learning Real-Time Projects
3. Product MNCs have hired me.
4. Senior Project Supervision
5. Domain Specializing Tracks
6. Flexible 3-Year Enrollment
7. 10,000*5 (no cost EMI) (months)
Open Sundays