Data Recovery in India- Common Data Recovery Myths That Exist Today Debunked.

Anyone can lose data. Fortunately, data recovery services will come to your rescue in case of virus attacks or unexpected system shutdown.

Debunking the Most Common Data Recovery Myths That Exist Today
Sometimes, you might also delete files unknowingly. Other reasons that can cause data failure include hardware or software breakdown.

Many people tend to prefer hit and trial techniques to recover lost data. Although these tricks may work sometimes, they may not guarantee a 100% solution.

\Moreover, the ‘quick-fix-it” misconceptions may end up causing more damage to the computer components.

In this article, we will debunk the prevalent data recovery myths that exist in the IT industry.

Deleted Data Disappears Permanently
This misconception can be accurate to some point, depending on a file system, media type, or operating system. However, professionally managed IT services can help you recover deleted files.

It can be through data recovery software or physical access.

The chances of recovering full data are higher if you contact an expert immediately after deleting the file. This is because deleting a file creates available storage space. The hard drive may rewrite data on this space if you continue to use the PC.

Data Recovery Software Can Retrieve Any Lost Files
An in-house IT department can recover some lost data using software, but not all. Remember, not all “file corruption” errors emanate from software failure.

Similarly, some hard drive failures are hard to detect. In most cases, it takes an experienced managed IT company to find the hitch.

It’s also crucial to note that running data recovery software on a damaged hard drive can cause more damage. This translates to lower chances of successful full recovery.

That’s why it’s imperative to learn about data recovery using software before attempting.

You Can Fix a Damaged Hard Drive With DIY Solutions
Unless you’re an expert, dismantling a hard drive at home can be a big mistake. Hard drives are complex data storage devices.

They may seem rigid from the outside, but the internal components are sensitive. These parts include the magnetic platter, motor, and read/ write heads.

It’s easier for a beginner to scratch the magnetic platter, damaging its fragile circuitry. Even the slightest fingerprint scratches can lead to permanent data loss. However, it’s safer to recover data through professionally managed IT services.

In-House Data Recovery Processes Don’t Require a Clean Room Lab
Generally, data recovery technology requires a clean lab room to minimize the chances of exposing hard drives to dust. A typical hard drive stores data on a magnetic platter. If dust accumulates on the platter, it becomes hard to read the stored data by the head.

It’s impossible to create a class 100 cleanroom in an office environment. Remember, the room should have at most 100 dust particles. In that case, it’s prudent to recover hard drive data in an industry-recognized cleanroom laboratory

Data Recovery Is Easier With Professional Managed It Services
It’s advisable to sideline these data recovery misconceptions when retrieving lost files from inaccessible hard drives.

Instead, hire a reputable managed IT company to do the job. Working with the best managed IT service provider means nearly 100% successful retrieval.

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