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Custom t shirt printing companies have many methods of printing t-shirts, however one of the most popular method is the direct to garment printing process. It refers to the process by which garments are printed on the body using special direct-to-garment printing machines. This is a great option for those who want to make custom clothing, but don’t have access to a large sewing machine or other expensive equipment. While there are many different types ofdirect-to-garment printers available, they all share the same basic features: 1) A press that can print on fabric in close proximity to the body; 2) A computerized control system that operates the press and takes control of the printing process; 3) A way to apply heat or chemicals to the fabric as it passes over the machine; 4) An easy way to remove the finished product. Direct- to-garment printing is becoming more popular due to its low cost (compared to other methods), ease of use, and ability to create customized clothing with a very low learning curve. It has become of the most used and popular methods for many companies as it is an easy process, and tend to retain the prints too on the t-shirts.