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Lindsey Scoggins
580 5th Ave suite 2810
New York, NY 10036
United States


Lindsey Scoggins Studio understands that the perfect custom engagement ring is an expert balance of artistry and architecture. To craft rings with a dexterous blend of structural integrity and stunning beauty, Lindsey draws from her extensive architectural and artisan knowledge to create the ring of each client’s desires. Thanks to a long career in the luxury jewelry industry, Lindsey has formed intimate relationships with technical engineers, polishers, and setters that allow her to oversee every step of the ring-creation process—all of which takes place within two blocks of her studio. No matter where her clients are located, Lindsey works diligently from the heart of New York’s historic Diamond District to produce wholly-personalized engagement rings of the highest caliber. Each exclusively-curated diamond is handpicked by Lindsey and carefully calibrated down to the hundredths of millimeters. By bringing the luxury jewelry experience online, Lindsey Scoggins Studio brings the extraordinary joy of a custom engagement ring to couples across the country.

Lindsey Scoggins