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Welcome to Aasaan, the simplest and most affordable eCommerce platform in India!
Aasaan built an eCommerce platform to make small businesses more powerful. In simple words, you can build branded mobile-responsive website and mobile app like any big brand using Aasaan as your eCommerce platform at an affordable price within 15 mins.
We believe that by making small businesses more powerful and giving them more options, we can change the way that e-commerce businesses operate and help enable commerce for a whole new generation of small companies to grow fearlessly.
We're on a mission to democratize commerce and level the playing field for small businesses. We strongly believe that every small business has the potential to be a big brand and deserves access to world-class technologies. Aasaan provides an affordable platform for small businesses to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.
With our easy-to-use platform, businesses can have a mobile-responsive website and an app they want, up and running in no time i.e. anyone can create a professional online store in minutes.