Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services

Corks Critter Care Home & Pet Sitting Services
Box 90064 Madigan Plaza, NE
Calgary, AB T2A7Y8

7 days a week 8am to 8pm

• Tender Loving Individualized Care!,
• Food And Fresh Water,
• Washing Of Food & Water Dishes,
• Exercise And Play, Walk
• Litter Box Cleaning,
o Pills, Injections, Medications,
o Sweeping & Vacuuming Pet Areas,
o Daily Brushing
Home Sitting Includes:
• Home Security Checks,
• Mail, Newspapers, Brought In,
• Plants & Flowers Watered,
• Plants Outdoors At An Additional Fee,
• Lights, Blinds, Curtains Off Or On,
• Check For Home Hazards,
o Put Out Trash & Recycling,
o Checks Of Interior & Exterior,
o Check All Appliances, Furnace
• Registered Veterinarian Technologist / Animals Health Technologist,
• AAAHT Active Member
Products and Services
• Watering Indoor Plants,
• Snow Removal,
• Pet Education,
• Delivering Pet Supplies,
• Watering Outdoor Plants,
• Dog Let Outs,
o Pet Taxi,
o Home Sitting,
o Pill Administration,
o Animal Nursing,
o Animal Care,
o SQ Fluids,
o Pet Sitting,
o Insulin Injections,
o Home Security,
o Dog Walking
Brands Carried
• Birds,
• Budgie,
• Guinea Pig,
• Iguana,
• Fish,
• Parrots,
o Reptiles,
o Rabbit,
o Hampster,
o Chinchilla,
o Geckos,
o Dog Walking,
o Pot Bellied Pigs,
o Lizard,
o Ferret,
o Dog,
o Cat,
o Ferrets,
o Animals,
o Pets,
o Pet Sitting,
o Animal Care,
o Exotics,
o Pet Taxi,
o Chinchilla,
o Turtles,
o Pills,
o Veterinarian Technologist,
o House Sitting,
o Frogs,
o Hedgehogs,
o Bearded Dragons,
o Dog Let out,
o Snakes,
o Tarantula
• Pet Nursing,
• Dog Walking,
• Insulin Injections,
• Pill Administration,
• SubQ Fluids,
Military Discounts Available
Senior Discounts Available
Open Sundays