Copper Ionization Pool, Natural | Safest Water Treatment Technology at Intec America

Intec America Corporation, Inc.
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Franklinton, LA 70438
United States


Intec America Corporation is one of the well-known providers of water treatment solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Established in 1973, Intec America was the first company to commercialize the revolutionary copper ionization technology designed by NASA. The water treatment solutions provided by the company are useful for swimming pools and spas, as well as industrial water treatment applications. Contact us for chlorine free swimming pool today.

Intec America offers a wide range of water treatment technologies like-
• Whole House Reverse Osmosis System
• Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System
• Salt Free Water Softener System
• Acid Neutralizer Filters
• Whole House Water Filtration System
• Residential Water Softening Systems
• Ozone generator systems
• No Salt Water Conditioner
• Ultra Filtration Systems
• Cartridge Pool Filters
• UV Disinfection System