Christmas Lighting Canada

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Ottawa, ON K1K 3X6

Mon - Sun 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Are you looking for the right company to install Christmas lights for your home? Taking everything into account, you have found the best in class Christmas light installers in Ottawa. At Christmas Lighting Canada, we provide our own commercial grade lights, extension cords, wires, and clocks. Besides, if you wind up having any problems, we assure you that we will fix them as fast as possible!

We provide a turnkey installation service to your Christmas lighting needs
• A free estimate where we talk about an extraordinarily created plan for you home or business.
• Professional installation process by experienced installers.
• Lighting upkeep before Christmas so your home or business is prepared for the special day
• Careful removal and storage of lighting after the Christmas season.

Call (613) 909-4113 now for a free custom light consultation.Allow us to illuminate your home this Christmas season!