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Cheap Car Insurance was started in 2013 as a platform Arizona residence the fast and easy to shop and buy car insurance. We shop all of the companies in our network to find our clients the cheapest car insurance.Our goal is to allow the clients to instantly find the best prices for car insurance online in real time or at one of our many locations. Traditionally customers would have to spend hours driving to a bunch of different car offices around town or call and wait on hold only to repeat their information for the 10th time that day. Clients that went online would still have to fill out 20 different application to get 20 different quotes, then they would get 20 calls a day from all those companies that have all their information. This inefficient time-consuming process needed to be fixed so we decided to create a system that allows clients to spend only a couple minutes answering few questions before we are able to provide them the top 3 cheap car insurance The best part is they only have to put their information in once and they don't have to worry about 20 companies calling them for the next 3 months. Clients also have access to call our world-class insurance agents to shop for them. We leverage our teams combined 30 years of insurance experience with innovative technology to provide a one-stop shop for all auto insurance needs.