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Group Benefits Administration
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The use of Canada benefits administration software can reduce your tax obligations and liability for future claims. The best way to streamline your business operations and improve cash flow is with software that can help you manage everything from accounts receivable, payroll management as well as budgeting for future projects. Canada's most reliable provider of such solutions are at TBaynet Solutions Inc., who offer top-notch customer service throughout their entire portfolio!

Group Benefits Administration is a system of administering employee benefit plans. It's key function entails creating and maintaining coverage, determining contribution rates for each participating company or organization in the group, processing claims from employees who need help with an issue relating to his/her occupational health. Oliver Software offers a range of services for employees and employers to help them with their benefits needs. The Group Benefit Administrator helps ensure all aspects go smoothly including set up/Operation & Payroll processing which saves everyone time so you don't have anything else on your plate besides running day-to date operations.

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