Calcium Carbonate Suppliers in India

supplier calcicum carbonate and talc powder
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Mewar Micron is a well-known calcium carbonate suppliers in India that has long satisfied its customers' requirements. The company makes calcium carbonate products of high quality that are used by many different industries across the nation. Calcite, micronized minerals, dolomite, and a variety of other calcites are among the many products offered by Mewar Microns. These items are selected for their suitability for particular applications, making them excellent choices for both industrial and commercial users. In the ceramic and industrial sectors, the mineral calcium carbonate plays a crucial role as a refractory material. Due to its high thermal conductivity, low density, high mechanical strength, and resistance to alkalis, it is an ideal mineral for these applications. Calcium carbonate is used in a lot of different industries, like oil refineries, cement factories, glass factories, and pulp mills. For more information contact us at +91-9414169445
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