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Everyone wants to do what is best for their family. We at Bx Plans, provide various fitness plans to keep your family happy, healthy and carefree. Our fitness plans are BX fitness plans, XBX fitness plan, 5BX exercises, air force exercise plans that designed to help you make fitness a habit. The BX fitness plans were developed by the Royal Canadian air force as progressive fitness training plans to develop and maintain physical fitness. Our XBX fitness plan consists of four charts of 10 exercises and the 5BX fitness plan consists of six charts and 5 exercises arranged in progressive order of difficulty. No gym and no equipment, we make it simple to work out at home. We will train you for complete health, fitness and performance. So that you will not only be able to do daily tasks but also take part in air force & competitive sports.For more information, visit our website at www.bxplans-uk.com