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As a world-class online wholesale platform, Bwanaz is a firm believer that the internet will never be able to replace local businesses.As much as we recognize that local businesses are important to the community, we at Bwanaz also recognize the immense obstacles that have been placed before them. With an understanding of what those obstacles mean, Bwanaz seeks to ensure that local businesses can retain a competitive edge in today's market by granting them the chance to Buy Less and Sell More. In a world where the internet and industry giants are becoming more and more prominent and crushing out small businesses, we've seen how difficult it can be to stand alone. What we do | Bwanaz doesn’t believe in standing alone, because together, we are stronger. After all, if they can reach clients across the internet, why can’t you? With our website, sellers can sell products all across the United States and beyond with far higher margins. than trying to wholesale themselves. Buyers can buy new stock at far more affordable prices here, allowing. them to reengage competition with the internet. Thanks to us, thousands of business owners have a chance. to create a community that spans the globe. we have art & crafts, dresses for local gift shop, party supplies, wedding supply, home decor and more.