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PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10MG, also called the libido drug, is quite popular among researchers and scientists alike. Studies have shown that this peptide is essentially beneficial in restructuring the libidinous system. Also known as Bremelanotide it has been under experimentation for various studies. Scientists have claimed that they produce results when subjected to erectile dysfunction in mammalians. They have also been seen to be useful in female arousal dysfunction, vaginal artery smoothness and disorders related to vaginal walls. However they may or may not be limited to such areas itself which is why further studies have been going on related to this peptide. At Pinnacle Peptides you will find PT-141 in vials of 10MG simply for research purposes and not for average human intake. Buy PT-141 10MG in its purest form from Pinnacle Peptides and be ensured of a high rate of success in all your experiments Pinnacle Peptides offers you the best range of these peptides.