Buy My Liquor

Buy My Liquor
3201 National Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113
United States

As a family-run business, Buy My Liquor has ten retail stores in San Diego, all functioning under different names. We have a diversity of drinks, from fan-favorites to the rarest beverages in the world.

Customers can order beer, rum, vodka, whiskey, wine, and more from us through our websites. We have made it our mission to stock drinks with signature flavor profiles, drinks that will taste as good as they look. If by any chance or customers can’t find their favorite drinks in our store, we simply order it for them from one of our partners.

None of our customers ever have to worry about long delivery periods, thanks to our fast shipping policies. This trickles down to any drink that is out of stock. Since we have a same-day-delivery agreement with our partners, there are little to no delays on such orders. Buy My Liquor is authorized to ship products throughout the continental USA.