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Masala tea, Masala means “spice”, and tea means “chai”.

Therefore, masala chai means tea with spices.

There’s a saying that the food in India changes every 100km… but if there’s one thing that ties all Indians together – it’s chai.

Chai by itself is essentially a milky cup of tea.

It’s enjoyed in the Indian in the mornings, afternoon, and in the early evening for a burst of caffeine or some cozy relaxation.

Chai is typically served with Parle biscuits.

We do a quick dip to soak up the chai and eat it before it falls into the mug.

Chai is a way of life for us and a deep part of our culture.

It’s a quick cup when visiting someone, or spending time at the jewelers and clothing shop.

It’s symbol of hospitality while catching up with friends and family.

It’s stopping on the side of the road during a road trip to grab a cup for energy.

So every one should e

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