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Yes its true ! On our site you can now buy cigarettes online and pay using Paypal or Bitcoins ! We also added money order payment to buy your cigarettes on our online store. When you buy cigarettes online with us using Paypal or Bitcoins, we guarantee you cigarettes made in USA only and sold for $25 per carton for most rexpensive brands such as Marlboro, American Spirit or Camel cigarettes.

Did you know that today there are a few websites on which you can buy cigarettes online and pay using PayPal? There are many websites selling cigarettes online but but not many provide good service and good quality cigarettes. Many offer copies and bad quality East European cigarettes that are not only very bad for the health but tastes very bad. This is if you don’t get scammed when you buy your cigarettes online!
So I decided to make a little list of 3 websites on which you can buy cigarettes online and pay using PayPal:
The first website is buy https://buy-cigs on this website you have a choice of over 150 different types of cigarettes and when you checkout you can select the PayPal option.
The second website on which you can buy cigarettes online using Paypal is is they allow you to buy cigarettes online and pay by PayPal also they have a very big list of quality cigarettes made in America.
The third site on which you can buy cigarettes online is not only you can pay by PayPal but you also get free shipping like the other two websites I mentioned.
Note that those 3 sites offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!
The conclusion of this article is that if you surf the internet you will find what you are looking for: I mean buying your cigarettes online with PayPal. The websites offering this option are very rare because not many are legit sites selling cigarettes so they cannot use PayPal as a means of payment it’s always better to use PayPal when buying your cigarettes online because you are protected (even though Paypal does not allowed cigarettes transaction those websites have a little trick that allow you to buy your cigarettes online and pay using PayPal)