Bury St Edmunds Golf Club Ltd

Bury St Edmunds Golf Club Ltd
Tut Hill
Bury Saint Edmunds, SFK IP28 6LG
United Kingdom


Enjoy Golf like never before. At Bury St Edmunds Golf Club, we have a great golf course, with several challenges that will train you for the big day. Apart from that, we host Golf championships on our 18-hole championship course. For individuals who are new to Golf, to the enthusiasts who have mastered the art of hole, we have packages for everyone. Also, the event hall can be made available for members in case there’s a function that they want to hold. To know all about our different membership programs, visit our website or call us.

Website:- http://www.burystedmundsgolfclub.co.uk
Phone:- +44 1284755979
Email Id: tom.crouch@burygolf.co.uk
Open Sundays