Building on Dreams Counseling Agency

Building on Dreams Counseling Agency
208 Donnell Blvd
Daleville, AL 36322
United States

To provide an advance system of interventions to strengthen families (your gateway to enhancing stronger family relationships) through effective counseling techniques and interventions to address needs of individual families. To educate and empower clients through clinical strategies and practices that holistically meets their needs. To restore a balance and harmony to life and living one step at a time.

In-home therapy, Educational sites therapy, Off-site therapy, Individual, Family, and Group Counseling, Assessment/Referrals Services, ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Post Traumatic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder Severe Depression, Aggressive/Anger Behavior, Bullying Prevention, Medication Management, Substance Abuse Sexual Abuse Counseling, Mentoring/Behavioral Aide, Comprehensive Assessments, Psychological Testing, A1ranking