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Each step by step process has a purpose using our own three step upvc cleaning treatments, one is the ingrained dirt remover, this transforms the UPVC back to its bright shiny colour. Upvc Cleaning step number two buffer all the frames, with a leading UPVC cream cleaner that brings out a glassy shine finish, removes any scratches and scuffs just like tee-cut for your car, each solution needs to be washed off the Upvc with a hose pipe. All your Upvc cleaning when done is protected and sealed this protects your upvc for those winters ahead. We do not power wash your upvc plastics only rinse of any residues once dry we sealant spray with a super rain repellent that acts like a guard locking in our work keeping them shiny for longer hence our 18-month warranty promise. We serve all the north west of U.K areas.. Visit our Testimonial & Gallery pages for more information.

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