Brent Joseph Biblical Counseling

1655 E Hwy 50 Suite 302L,
Clermont, FL 34711
United States

Mon - Sat : 07:00 - 22:00 ; Sun: Closed

Brent Joseph Biblical Counseling is here to provide compassionate and professional service that is based on Christian principles, helping the whole person. Whether you are experiencing issues with depression, anxiety, trauma, or if your marriage or family life has become unhealthy, we specialize in Clermont counseling techniques rooted in Christian values to help guide you toward a healthier life. We not only give you insight when you’re seeking answers on how to heal but also help you comprehend what God’s message is for your life today. We believe that effective counseling is possible even in a secular environment by applying Biblically-based spiritual wisdom and guidance. We invite you to reach out to see how we can benefit you and your family!

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