Brand Activation Promotion Agency in Pune

Brand Activation Promotion Agency in Pune
Samarthanager, New Sangvi, Pune, Maharashtra 41102 Samarthanager, New Sangvi, Pune, Maharashtra 41102


MARKETBEATS” is the Small Marketing Service Provider Agency in this field from 2007.

We serve corporate marketing departments and market research companies.

We do fieldwork

Marketbeats door-to-door marketing specialists speak directly to, and create a connection with, our clients’ potential customers at their homes, places of work, in store and at private sites and public venues, gaining the maximum reach possible for our clients.

Marketbeats supplies high-quality marketing and pramotion services to consumer markets, advertising and sales agencies and management consultants with a need for a seamless international service in business-to-business and consumer markets.

Direct Sales
All businesses are adopting direct consumer selling method to reduce distribution costs because they have plentiful facilities to sell directly to their consumers. A manufacturer can sell goods to the consumers by opening his retail shop in on site or by mail house to house selling or by engaging salespeople or by using advanced mechanical devices.

Door To Door Marketing
Our door-to-door sales team helps us to create a connection with our clients’ target markets and secure hundreds of thousands of new customers for them every year, and their strength lies in our unique field sales solutions.

We take pride in helping to add value to our clients’ businesses and our door-to-door sales method is proven to secure the very best results.

We have developed face-to-face customer acquisition solutions and door-to-door marketing techniques that promote our clients’ products and services in an interactive and personalised way, ensuring the right message reaches the right people.

Brand Activation
Marketbeats has a strong team of capable staff who will help you with your brand activation and corporate gifts, sample promotional items and all marketing products. Our team is friendly, efficient, dedicated and focused on delivering a superb service. Our aim is to give you peace of mind when dealing with us and to delight you. We are here to add value to your marketing campaigns and to help your brand look great! We believe in the power of branding and branded items and in what we do.

Market Promotions
Mall & Market Promotions and Retail Activation Marketing

Generate shopper attention, engagement, store visits and actions with creative Retail Activation Marketing ideas

Retail Activation Marketing is the deployment of a wide range of custom ideas, events and experiential activations to generate local retail store awareness, visits, engagement and sales.

Fieldwork Services
Fieldwork are a complete data collection partner, supporting over Big MR agencies in providing extremely competitive, high quality senior fieldwork solutions.

Our specialist local consumer and business, survey and recruitment teams undertake thousands of CATI & online interviews each and every week.

We offer quantitative and qualitative, consumer and business-to-business fieldwork at competitive prices.