BOS&S - Creating New Spaces as; Backyard Offices, Studios & Sheds

BOS&S - Creating New Spaces as; Backyard Offices,
13 37 St S.W. Calgary
Calgary, AB T4A 0N3

I’m Jim and the founder of BOS&S. Before this I was an Industrial Engineer and consultant and spent the last 20+ years working with companies to make things better. I’ve worked in industries from jet engines to service companies to craft breweries. Now I get to work for my own company finding ways to do things better for my customers. As a kid I can remember spending many hours in my grandfather’s workshop which was a simple wood structure. In that workshop using his lathe and hand tools he created wonderful wooden objects from plant holders to stock cube dispensers, everything he made had to have both form and a useful function. It was in that workshop I developed my love of working with wood and other materials to make things of use. Now working with wood, metal, glass and even plastics I get to create spaces of use where you get to choose what you want to create.
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BOS&S - Creating New Spaces as; Backyard Offices,  Jim Beswick
We design, make and install personalized backyard and home offices, studios and sheds throughout Western Canada, creating beautiful spaces for people to work and create at home.