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When it comes to agriculture businesses in India, Book My Crop (BMC) stands out as one of the most unique and innovative options. Book My Crop is a cutting-edge e-commerce network for the agricultural industry that connects buyers and sellers across India. Thousands of registered farmers supply Book My Crop with eight different types of products, including vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains, spices, flowers, non-edibles, and herbs.

Also, the Book My Crop website allows purchasers to check their proximity to the crop and the farmer they wish to contact. Buyers can then make educated decisions based on a thorough grasp of the area, the quantity of crops available, the size of the available land, and cultivation data.

Book My Crop for Buyers:
If a buyer signs up for Book My Crop, they'll be connected with credible farmers interested in doing business. Book My Crop facilitates communication between buyers and Indian farmers.

Book My Crop connects buyers directly with farmers so they can inquire about crop availability by phone or Whatsapp.

Book My Crop for Farmers:
Book My Crop is an online Agri market where farmers may advertise their commodities and connect with purchasers. To register as a farmer in India, you need to provide your full name, as well as your village, tehsil, district, and state.

Book My Crop is a website where farmers may publish images and videos of their crops in real time and gain access to the following features:

● Get more inquiries from buyers
● Attract buyers with the best quality pictures and videos
● Show all crop variants
● The addition of a trust factor via uploading original media files only
● Maintain authenticity

Our Vision:
Our vision is to connect all of India's states for agricultural trade and become the most effective, influential, and sustainable platform in the country that connects Indian farmers with buyers.

Our Values:
● Accountability:
As if it were our own company, we shall shoulder full responsibility for our sphere of influence.
● Integrity:
This time, we mean business. In all that we do, we promise to be consistent, trustworthy, and dependable.
● Respect:
We value the fact that others maintain their own unique cultural identities. We welcome and celebrate diversity.
● Team Spirit:
Individually and collectively, we do our part to triumph over adversity.
● Transparency:
We promise to supply all the details you need. We commit to candid and open dialogue. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Our Strategy:
● We pledge to always act with integrity and as responsible members of the communities in which we do business.
● We are concerned with protecting the natural environment.
● In everything we do, we hope to prevent damage to the environment, preserve precious supplies, and raise public awareness about the need of protecting the planet.

The dependence of the economy on agriculture makes it a must-have in one’s portfolio.
Book My Crop is one of the fastest growing online agritech companies in India.
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