Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

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Melbourne, VIC 3076


Work4you focus on meeting the needs of customers, it is imperative that you also take care of the accounting and bookkeeping functions at your office. By working with a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant—defined simply as someone who helps keep your books from a remote location—you can streamline various portions of your daily routine. Move some of these key bookkeeping tasks to a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant at Work4you and you’ll be free to focus on work. When you outsource your bookkeeping services, your productive hours can be spent in areas where your decision-making is crucial. As a trusted Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant service provider, we will work tirelessly to complete your duties diligently. Some of our tasks Performs are
Compute, classify and record numerical data
Check, calculate and verify data
Check the accuracy of figures and postings calculated by others
Check the entry of all transactions
Prepare general ledgers and invoices
Ensure that your bills are paid on time

Reconcile statements such as:
Credit cards
Vendor's and client's statement
Bank account statements
Process accounts payable and receivable transactions
Prepare financial statements such as:
Trial Balance
Profit and loss account
Balance sheet