Booker Transportation Services, Inc.

Booker Transportation Services, Inc.
37645 N. 281
Linn, TX 78563
United States

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Booker Transportation Services, Inc. is a 100% Owner Operator of the Rio Grande Valley trucking company that provides our clients with the best freight options available. Booker Trans offers the Free Tires for Life of Lease Program, as well as the Longevity Bonuses and Yearly Awards for our drivers to ensure longevity in their careers. Booker Trans has built its success upon working partnerships with Customers, as well as Agency Relationships built over the past years. Those same relationships are what make consistent year-round freight possible. We have several trucks and trailers on our fleet, which allows us to offer the most efficient service in the industry. Our commitment to safety is one of the reasons why we are a respected trucking company in the industry. We are a trucking company that is dedicated to the success of you and your business. We are committed to setting the standard in the industry for excellence!