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Bombay Shirt Company - Custom Shirts, T-Shirts & C
Address - No. 3, Ground Floor, Sassoon Building, In Fabindia Lane, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai,

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Bombay Shirt Company was founded out of a personal desire. There was a need for top quality shirts at affordable prices, which could be customized to your size. We have grown from an online ecommerce company to an omnichannel brand that has an online presence as well as brick and mortar shops in India, Dubai, and New York over the past nine years. Our zero inventory model means that we don't have large quantities of fabric in stock, which can end up in landfills. Your shirt will be made once you have ordered it. We are conscious about how our fabrics are sourced, and how our shirts are made. Bombay Shirt Company makes every garment to order, according to your specific size and preferences. Our unique algorithm calculates your size in just 5 steps. It also saves it for later use. Simply enter your size. You can also customize the cut of your shirt by choosing from a variety of options, including collars, buttons, cuffs and cuffs as well as plackets, pockets, and plackets.
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