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One of the most overlooked areas in equipment reliability programs is the electrical system that supplies power to production equipment. A faulty electrical system can put an entire plant out of operation, but yet it gets less attention than individual production equipment. Many manufacturing plants spend thousands of dollars to care for plant production equipment but spend little, if any on the electrical infrastructure of the plant.
Many people have a false sense of security about their electrical system. They have not experienced problems in the past.
Unfortunately, with the electrical system you won’t know if you have a problem until a fault develops in your system and it results in an arc flash, blown bus bar, a circuit breaker melt down, or worse, a fire.
Proper electrical maintenance involves a lot more than just tightening loose connections. An electrical system requires cleaning, lubrication, linkage adjustment, and electrical testing. If your system has ground faults they should be electrically tested and calibrated.

Chris Neitzel