Blackout Eyelet Curtains

269 Wellington Road, Unit 1
Birmingham, WMD B20 2QQ
United Kingdom

Blackout curtain Crafted from 3 layers lined blackout polyester fabric which make them super heavy. Their bright colors are 90% opaque and dark colors are 95% opaque. Resulting from a sandwich technique, they bock up to 90% of sunlight, UV rays and street light.Thermal curtain Balance your room’s temperature. Their 3-layers make them a great energy barrier against extreme heat and cold. Keep out cold in winter and block out the heat in summer, which make them ideal for any season.
Colors: A lavish collection of seven charming colors that include Black, Cream, Red, Pink, Blue, Beige, and Grey.
Sizes: Available in eight standard sizes ranging from 46x54 (117cm x 137cm), 46x72 (117cm x 183cm), 66x54 (168cm x 137cm), 66x72 (168cm x 183cm), 66x84 (168cm x 223cm)(Single Panel), 90x72 (228cm x 183cm), 90x90 (228cm x 228cm) to 90x108 (228cm x 274cm).
Fabric Quality: 260 GSM
Washing Instructions: Both Machine washable and dry clean.
Package Includes: Two panels of curtains and a gift of two tie-backs.