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A Bird and pigeon Spike , also known as anti-bird spikes, is a device made up of long, needle-shaped rods used for bird control purposes. The Bird Control Spikers are used to deter birds without harming or killing them. It is perfect for buildings where large birds like pigeons and seagulls can leave mess on your property.

We manufacture tough UV-stabilized polycarbonate bird spikes. This is an easy to install bird deterrent, and you could easily store other spikes that aren't in use in a small place.

The Bird and pigeon Spike were designed to protect very narrow surfaces or to be used to prevent damage to the leading edge of a wider surface. These bird spikes can be used to build protection and are almost invisible once they're installed.

JKL Safety Nets offers Pigeon Spikes, a technologically advanced bird menace solution for bird proofing your residence or office. Bird spikes don't hurt birds at all. It is highly sustainable and hence quite popular.

Bird spikes are made from high quality marine grade stainless steel and polycarbonate bases or hard PVC. Pigeon droppings and bird diseases are no longer an issue. The bird menace can be eliminated permanently. Pigeon spikes are an affordable and cost-effective solution to the pigeon menace.

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