Biofilm Tech GmbH

Biofilm Tech GmbH
Wilhelmstraße 25
Cologne, NW  53111

10 AM to 7 PM


Levapor is an innovative organization engaged in the field of Environmental Biotechnology. We are helping our clients to solve their wastewater treatment and polluted air problems using our innovative and proven solutions.

We offer a complete range of services from concept to commissioning for wastewater treatment requirements with ongoing process management and troubleshooting support.

We have developed a high performance MBBR/IFAS technology which can be applied to any biological process for their performance correction, capacity upgradation achieving higher flows, better COD reduction and nitrification as per your treated effluent quality criteria. as and when required.

We also help industries to correct their existing Biological ETP performance utilizing existing infrastructure to its full potential.

If you have any existing ETP requiring upgradation or process optimization then please feel free to contact us.

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