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53, Bajaj Khana, Ratlam M.P. – 457001, India


Mangal saffron, an esteemed brand that has been originated in Ratlam. A global city is renowned for its cultural charm. Anand Mangal and its creator, Shri Mangilal Ji Chopra, have always chosen the path of happiness, prosperity, and good health. Our company exists solely to encourage you to buy Kashmir saffron online.
We endured hardship via the very farms of our own Kashmir, which are inherent to the Indianans of our culture. A very meticulous process is started by the gentle and considerate inhabitants of that area, which eventually passes into the hands of Mangal Saffron, freshly plucked, red, and genuine Saffron. The best saffron in the world is produced from this point on since it is ready to be fostered into the realm of our culture.
Our product includes premium quality saffron that you can buy as per your need at a very affordable price. We offer our saffron packs in quantities of 50 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 g, and 5 g. Also, we provide quality boxes of saffron in quantities of 5 gm, 1 gm, and 500 mg in our products. Powdered Saffron is a ready-to-use product that we have made for our customer’s convenience. It is available in the form of packs of 1 mg and 5 gm.
Kashmir Saffron included various medicinal properties, antibacterial properties, and antiseptic properties. At Mangal Saffron, we strive to provide real saffron cultivated in the fertile soil of Kashmir, the country of the Heavens, to Indian families. Each item is a gift from Mother Earth, so we pack them warmly and send them as quickly as we can to our consumers.