Best Psychotherapy clinic in Kochi

Care of Minds (CAMS) is a mental health support team initiative by Dr Roshin Kunnel and Dr Rajeev Michael, clinical psychologists and a group of eminent associates who are specialized in different fields of psychology. We provide psychological care through individual psychotherapy, group therapy programs, transferable skills training, workshops, webinars, psychotherapy training programs and psychotherapy supervision groups. We aim to address psychological needs of individuals, couples, parents, children, youth and adults. We provide online services, besides regular programs at our centers in Kerala, South India.Most people know how to take care of their body. However, our general health depends very much on the quality of our mind. We tend to respond to physical pain/problems and often take some effort to resolve them. But, pain in the mind is sometimes poorly understood and addressed. CAMS aim to address the need to care for the health and quality of our minds. Because, mind is health. Our minds are wellsprings of immense potential. Generally, we are more keenly aware of our mental problems than our rich mental (and social) resources. Oftentimes, it is possible for us, with some training, to spring up from emotional distress by utilizing the untapped inner qualities and strengths. CAMS aim to guide people to reach in and discover the wellsprings of their mind’s resources as well as reengage with their social resources, and cultivate emotional health and happiness.