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The word “garden” is used to describe sections of a country that are urban, developing, or developed. Outdoors is a part of the city. Humanity has always relied on the idea of community, and people in rural areas have open, spacious homes and are already connected to nature. A garden is an area that has been specifically created, usually outdoors, for the cultivation, display, and pleasure of plants and other natural elements. Control is the lone characteristic that distinguishes even the most untamed garden. The garden may have both organic and man-made components.

Garden uses include: A garden can serve functional, aesthetic, and recreational purposes: partnership with nature Cultivate learning via gardens. Nature observation includes bird- and insect-watching, reflection on the passing of the seasons, and Relaxation. Family meals outside on the patio, youngsters having fun in the garden, Taking a hammock to read in, Keeping the flowerbeds clean working in the garage, hiding out in the bushes, Taking a pleasant sunbath, and escaping the stifling heat. Growing beneficial products Cut flowers to bring inside for aesthetic purposes, and fresh vegetables and herbs for cooking

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