Best Epilepsy Treatment Centre In India | Seizures Treatment In India

Neeraj Clinic
Main Haridwar Road

All these years we have worked on making your life a little easy, pulling you out of the constant sense of fear from seizures. In our 45+ years of service, we have truly felt the pain you go through due to Seizures and also the sufferings of your family. In very true sense, we felt your pain too. And so with every coming day, we are giving our best to knock down Epilepsy.

The absolute initial step of Seizure treatment at Neeraj Clinic begins with bringing back your lost confidence, pulling you out of the social disgrace and teaching you about Epilepsy in true sense. In last few years, we also realized that there is a need to even educate the society about Seizures, and so we now conduct events in different parts of the country to at least make the society understand not to target you and your Epilepsy.

With pure intentions and clear goals, we brought smiles on 156000+ faces and as an add-on, even their parents, children, or the better half.

Our point is to overcome any issue between the patient and the treatment. We have the country's best Doctors with us for your better treatment and medication.