Bernadette Life Coaching

Bernadette Life Coaching
Sacramento, CA 95834
California, CA 95834
United States

My name is Bernadette Velasquez,
Certified in Activation™ Method Coaching at the Coaching Institute.

As an Activation Method Coach, I can help you find solutions, creativity, inner wisdom, and resources to lead you to live a more authentic and powerful life by:

1. Helping you delegate time for yourself
2. Guiding you on your journey towards Self-discovery, realization, expression, and actualization
3. Finding your healing paths and inner joy
4. Building self-love
5. Innovating your creative flow
6. Strengthening your spiritual resources

With me as your Activation Method Life Coach,
I will be like your GPS (Global Positioning System) in your car.

YOU at the driver's seat, I will be assisting you to take complete control of your life. Tell me where you want to go, and I will give you suggestions, directions, reminders, alerts, and options to assist you in making educated life decisions.