Benefits of Using Metal Roofing in a Pole Barn.

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Benefits of Using Metal Roofing in a Pole Barn.
What are pole barns?
A type of post-frame building is a pole barn. Wooden posts embedded a few feet into the ground are used post-frame construction to support and frame the building. A pole barn needs a foundation that has been poured. Metal panels are used to construct the pole barn's sides, which are attached to and supported by the wood structure. Some pole barns, usually used for agricultural purposes, have no sides and are completely open to the elements. Sometimes called screw-down metal roofing, pole barn metal roofing is held together by several visible screws. An exposed-fastener or through-fastened roofing system is made by screwing it into a building. It is among the simplest metal roofing systems you may come across, and it is particularly well-liked over garages and unheated rooms.