Bend Metal Fabrication

Bend Metal Fabrication
61 NW Oregon Ave Unit 103-2011 Bend, OR 97702, 61 61 NW Oregon Ave Unit 103-2011 Bend, OR 97702
Bend, OR 97702
United States

Our projects are aimed at providing custom and handcrafted solutions that are second to none. We are known throughout the state because of our established collaboration and partnership with the most prominent building contractors, interior designers, architects, and artists.

At Bend Metal Fabrication, what we do is afford you a customized solution. You can choose other metal fabrication companies in Bend and surrounding areas, but don’t expect the products they create to be representative of your design ideas.

What separates us from the rest is that we make the most out of your budget, but we guarantee that you’re getting the customized results you’ve always wanted from the beginning.

It is the company’s philosophy to accept every challenge brought to us. We believe that creating a product out of steel is a unique art. It forms part of what modern architecture should be. At Bend Metal Fabrication, we take metal fabrication into a whole new level by customizing every product ordered from us. This is the best way to showcase the craftsmanship and expertise of our team. We pride ourselves at being the best