Beautiful Indoor Planters at Pots for Plants PH

Pots for Plants
Block 55, Lot 5, Phase 1C, Golden City Subdivision Santa Rosa, Laguna
Santa Rosa, LAG 4026

Pots for Plants is an online store based in the Philippines that's dedicated to providing plant parents top-quality gardening essentials. Our products come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Each one is made to complement your plants and interiors.

We have a wide range of products available on our website. One of our popular products is minimalistic and modern ceramic planters. They go well in almost any setting as the designs are versatile. They look the best in a Scandinavian interior paired with plants like the fiddle leaf fig tree or cast iron plant. If you want something minimal but sturdy in build and lightweight in volume, you might want to go for our fiberglass pots.

If you're going for something more tropical, you'll want to go with containers made from raw materials. We have a collection of beautiful Vietnamese earthenware pots that are made to slay this interior style. We have varieties that come in rich, deep-set colors and neutral tones. We also have concrete pots that are best paired in a bohemian or industrial interior styling.

On top of our pots and planters, we also offer tools and accessories for almost all of your plant-related needs. If you want to see more, check out our website today!