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Find the Best Places in High Wycombe for Your Trip
Description: High Wycombe is a great place to visit throughout the year. Booking hotels, restaurants, and a taxi in High Wycombe allow loads of opportunities to visit High Wycombe.
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High Wycombe is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year. Booking hotels, restaurants, and taxis in High Wycombe for the itineraries adds the benefits. It is a flourishing market town that is ideal for those who want lively nightlife, a bustling atmosphere, and a terrific retail experience. The Eden Shopping Center is one of the region's most popular shopping locations, with a diverse selection of stores and restaurants, as well as a bowling alley and a movie theatre. Despite recent urban changes, High Wycombe has maintained its historical and cultural charm and customs.
The Best Places in High Wycombe
It is located in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as the beautiful county of Buckinghamshire. Wycombe's lively historical towns and rural scenes, mixed with lovely villages, make the area a popular year-round destination. The abundance of things to do in High Wycombe will not disappoint visitors.
Chiltern Hills
High Wycombe is situated on a long chalk escarpment that rises to more than 250 meters above sea level and is protected as a natural beauty spot. You may get information on walking routes, bike trails, country pubs, quaint villages, and historic estates at the High Wycombe Library tourist information center. With their beautiful valleys, hedgerows, and ancient beech woodlands, the Chilterns, both Hughenden, and West Wycombe, are all their lovelies.
West Wycombe Park
Sir Francis Dashwood gained notoriety on his Grand Tour of Europe in the 18th century when he was expelled from Russia for attempting to seduce Tsarina Anne while impersonating Charles XII of Sweden. The National Trust has owned the palace since 1943, and it is a mishmash of Georgian style, with two levels of West Front colonnades reminiscent of Vicenza's Palazzo Chiericati. It is one of the best places to must go in High Wycombe that is highly recommended.
St Lawrence's Church
Since medieval times, St Lawrence's Church, which served the lost village of Haveringdon in the middle Ages, has topped the hill. The Grade I-listed church was entirely renovated by Francis Dashwood in the mid-eighteenth century. The result is an odd mix of Medieval and Neoclassical architecture with a lot of Rococo stuccoworks. The nave, which is lined with Corinthian columns, is based on an antiquarian Robert Wood sketch of Palmyra's Temple of the Sun. Trompe-oil paintings adorn the ceiling and nave, while Dashwood personally designed the mahogany choral stalls. It undoubtedly adds to the greatest place in High Wycombe with its wonder.
West Wycombe Village
West Wycombe Village is only three streets long, yet it contains several well-preserved buildings from the 1500s to the 1700s. Despite its small size, the Dashwoods owned everything you see here, and the village's location made it an important stop on the London-Oxford coach route. The Dashwoods sold the entire village in late 1929 to earn money after the Wall Street Crash.
High Wycombe Guildhall
This memorial, which originates from 1757 and features an arcade spanning the street, creates a big impression when approached from the east side. The Guildhall is built in the Palladian style and features the Earl of Shelburne's coat of arms on the pediment. The Pepper Pot or Cornmarket, a magnificent companion to the Guildhall, was redesigned in 1761 by eminent architect Robert Adam according to plans. The rest of the High Street is worth checking out for its elegant Georgian and Victorian mansions.
Hughenden Manor
Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria's two-time prime minister and friend, was a frequent visitor to this National Trust property. Hughenden was his home for the rest of his life, which he acquired in 1848 after joining the Tory Party. The house was Palladian when it was built in the 18th century, but Disraeli had Edward Buckton Lamb restore it in a whimsical Hybrid style. Benjamin Disraeli, a two-time prime minister, and friend of Queen Victoria stayed at this National Trust property. Hughenden was his lone home after joining the Tory Party in 1848, and he would spend the remainder of his life here. The home was originally Palladian in style, and Disraeli oversaw Edward Buckton Lamb's humorous restoration of the model, making it one of the best historical places in High Wycombe.
Plan your Trip in High Wycombe
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