Barkers Behaviour Ltd

Barkers Behaviour Ltd
12 Garratts Close Southern England
Hertford, HRT SG14 3YW
United Kingdom

Mon to Fri: 9am–7:30pm, Sat: 9am–5pm, Sun:11am–5pm

Hi, I am Alice Barker and I love communicating with dogs. A training technique that I have developed myself to train dogs is very different from the general and usual methods adopted by other dog trainers. With a belief that dogs can talk to you, I create a bond based on trust to train and communicate with these furry friends. I can help you learn the methods to communicate with your dog in a better way creating a better bond. I can teach you a balance to show your dog what they should be doing rather than what they shouldn’t. Visit the website to know further information and fill up the enquiry form.