Barclay Physical Therapy Inc.

Barclay Physical Therapy Inc.
555 Barclay Cir #110
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
United States

Monday 8am–7pm, Wednesday 8am–7pm, Thursday 8am–7pm, Friday 8am–7pm

"Since opening in 1992, Barclay PT strives to deliver optimal results and accomplish it's goal of helping patients regain control of their body and return to enjoying activities of daily living without pain and discomfort. According to Foto and Evicore data, Barclay PT ranks in the top 2% for shoulder treatment and top 5% for back pain treatment, nationally, against peers. We accept more than 65 different insurance plans. We do not double-book clients. Patients can expect to receive one-on-one care by the same therapists on each visit, with a minimum of 45 mins of direct care, enabling us to build meaningful relationships and maximize outcomes. Our hands-on, personalized approach combined with our clinical expertise is key to our success."

Murali Sunkara