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The Norwood scale can help you determine the severity of your balding stages.
In reality, hair loss is simpler to reverse in the early phases of male pattern baldness, commonly known as androgenic alopecia.
What stage are you at right now?

It doesn't seem like a huge problem when we lose our hair owing to the early phases of male pattern baldness.
We consider it to be 'normal' hair loss.
That's the thing: we men have a tendency to confuse male pattern baldness with everyday hair loss.

Suddenly, <a herf="">signs of balding at 20</a> we notice that the hair on our forehead has thinned or that a bald spot has appeared!
'How did I lose my hair so quickly?' we wonder.
That's the problem about male pattern baldness: we don't know we've normalised it until it's too late.

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